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Put Before Frying? Benefits of ‘Asam Keping’ That You Might Not Know

Frying fish, chicken, or fries can be a scary experience for other people, especially for first-timers. The oil splash from frying can sometimes burn someone’s skin. Some people even try to find an alternative to save themselves from the oil splash, such as using a pan as a “shield” from the splash.

But do you know that you can use one of the most common cooking materials as a way to prevent the cooking oil from splashing? Take a guess what it is. It’s ‘asam keping’, also known as tamarind slice in English.

A user of TikTok, @businessiqa shares new knowledge that people might not know. According to her, if you put ‘asam keping’ in the cooking oil before cooking anything, it provides many benefits.

In her caption, she said “let’s put ‘asam keping before frying Bolognese spring roll (popia); any kind of frying is fine.

So, what are the benefits of using ‘asam keping’? According to Syafiqah, the benefits are:

  • does not absorb much oil in your cook
  • does not stick to the pan
  • makes your cook crispier and crunchier
asam keping

Picture: @businessiqa

In addition to that, a commenter asked “Won’t the food be sour?”. Another user commented by saying that it won’t. So, you don’t have to worry if your food will turn sour when you use ‘asam keping’.

asam keping

Picture: TikTok

Another commenter also shared other tips, in which you can also use one or two unpeeled cloves of garlic while frying.

asam keping

Picture; TikTok

If you want to watch the full video, check out the full video below!


Jom letak Asam Keping sebelum menggoreng Popia Bolognese (apa² gorengan pon boleh)

♬ Tiba-Tiba Speed Up – liriklaguツ

Sources: @businessiqa

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