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Want To Try Something Different? Petai Ice Cream!

Picture: @zamaiskrim

It does not matter whether the weather is scorching hot or chilly. Malaysian will always go for ice cream! It is the most common dessert in the world. Usually, people would eat dessert after a meal. Nevertheless, we do not actually follow the rules, do we? We eat it anytime we want, when we feel like it!

People love to buy ice cream instead of making it themselves. Making it by ourselves is such a hassle. Or is it?

On TikTok, @zamaiskrim always shares recipes for making different flavours of ice creams such as strawberry, corn, mango, vanilla, and more! Surprisingly, from what she shared, it does look that hard to make.

Recently, she shared with the viewers the most exotic flavour of ice cream. She made Petai ice cream! We usually eat petai cooked with sambal, and with rice! But never with ice cream!


Picture: My Weekend Plan

Check out the recipe below:


Jom kita buat Aiskrim Petai hari ni😍 #aiskrim #carabuataiskrim #aiskrimviral #aiskrimmalaysia

♬ Dj Cere Bebek – Eang Selan

From the video, interestingly, it looks good and appetizing. The green colour of the dessert makes it look like it is matcha-flavoured! But wait until she gave her review of the taste of the Petai ice cream.

Shockingly, she gave it a zero out of five! You know what that means…It’s not good, and maybe inedible.

If you are curious about its taste, just refer to @zamaiskrim’s video.

Source: @zamaiskrim (TikTok)

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