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A Total Of 200 School-Going Children From Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Communities Equipped With Back-To-School Essentials Via Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP Campaign

school-going children

The majority of Malaysian families and school-going children look forward to the start of the new school term as an opportunity to gain knowledge and make new friends. This situation is different for urban poor families who dread the start of the school term as equipping their children with back-to-school-essential comes at the cost of cutting out other necessities, yet they realize that education is important and key to breaking the cycle of poverty. In addition, the current global inflationary pressure has increased the cost of living and their dilemma to survive in metropolitan cities. 

Understanding the hardships experienced by this vulnerable group, TOP, the No 1 Detergent Brand in Malaysia via its Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP (Brighter Future with TOP) charity fund-raising campaign has equipped 200 Primary One students from urban poor families in PPR communities in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Penang with back-to-school essentials. 

The campaign was supported with the cooperation of MYDIN and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), as well as the generous Malaysians. 

A portion of sales from selected TOP detergent products purchased from MYDIN stores nationwide from 15th December 2022 to 15th January 2023 was channeled to help urban poor families by providing back-to-school essentials for their school-going children. JKM helped to identify the target group by shortlisting the list of recipients according to the set conditions, visiting selected families, and helped to measure the sizes of uniforms and shoes.

Priority was given to families with school-going children entering Primary One in the 2023/2024 school year, however, some Primary Two and Primary Three students from needy families are also listed.

The back-to-school essentials include school uniforms, school shoes, socks, a stationery set, a pencil case, a school bag, a personalized bag tag, and colored pencils for each child. In addition, each family will receive a 2.1kg pack of TOP Super Colour powder detergent and a reusable detergent dispenser. TOP will deliver the back-to-school packs to JKM offices for distribution to the families that have been identified from PPR communities, ahead of the new school term.

The Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign that started in 2015 has benefited 3,406 children from 104 communities nationwide with back-to-school essentials while contributing TOP detergent products to families. 

Ms. Carmen Foo, Senior General Manager of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd thanked MYDIN, JKM, and the brand’s customers for making a brighter future a reality for children from PPR communities.

“Based on consumer spending trends we estimated a lower fund collection, but TOP customers shopping at MYDIN stepped up to support the campaign because the education and well-being of children are important to them,  as it is for us. We are elated by the thoughtfulness and kindness of TOP customers. Kudos to the JKM team for their efficient and caring liaison with PPR communities, and for the logistic support to distribute these essentials to the families. Our thanks to everyone for their cooperation in this campaign. 200 Primary One students from PPR communities have a brighter future thanks to you,” says Ms. Carmen Foo. 

This year the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign has benefited communities in PPR Seri Pahang and PPR Seri Pantai in Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur, PPR Desa Rejang in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur, PPR Taman Putra Damai in Lembah Subang Selangor, and PPR Taman Cendana in Pasir Gudang, Johor; and PPR Desa Wawasan and PPR Ampang Jajar in Penang.  

Commenting on the cooperation, JKM  appreciated and encouraged the noble efforts of TOP in organizing the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign as urban poor communities are faced with the burden of the high cost of living and rising prices of essential goods due to global inflationary pressure.  

Developed by Lion Corporation, Japan, TOP is known for championing the concept of hygienically clean living to encourage cleaner laundry, more comfort, and a better sense of well-being through its continuous breakthrough innovations. It is famed for its Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Lion Japan’s Anti-Microbial Tech that deploys next-generation detergent technology that effectively removes 99.9% of harmful viruses including (COVID-19 virus & Influenza A), and bacteria.

TOP contributed its TOP Super Colour powder detergent to school-going children to equip them with a high-performance detergent to hygienically and thoroughly clean their laundry including school uniforms.

TOP Colour Signature line of Super Colour premium powder detergent and Colour Protect premium liquid detergent with breakthrough 5D Colour ProTech Laundry Technology allows consumers to wash all laundry together with the confidence that colors won’t bleed, colorful clothes remain vibrant, and dark clothes stay dark. It prevents the fabric from early aging, keeping them newer for longer, helping prolong the life of garments thus promoting more sustainable living,” adds Ms. Carmen Foo. 

The campaign has been held for eight years consecutively to motivate students from underserved communities and B40 households to achieve more by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem, and to educate them on caring for their clothing so that they are clean, and hygienically laundered. 

“Thank you TOP and JKM for this very timely contribution. It has lifted a heavy burden from our family, and given my child, the confidence to head to school on an equal footing as other classmates,” shares one of the residents of PPR.

“I want to go to school to become smarter and to make more friends. Thank you for the uniform and shoes,” says one of the happy recipients. 

To find out more about TOP please visit or call the customer care line at 1800-88-0133. 

A Brighter Future With TOP 2015 to 2023

Year No Children Benefitted NGOs/Communities 
2015 440 20
2016 400 16
2017 439 18
2018 500 18
2019 674 7
2020 420 6
2021 333 12
2022 200 7
Total 3,406 104


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