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Beautiful! Witness This Waterfall That Looks Like A Bride In A Wedding Dress

Pictures: Earthly Missions

We believe many people love spending time with nature, for example, going to the waterfall with family members or hiking to the hills or mountains with friends. These activities connect you with others and are good exercise for the body and mind. What better way to heal than looking at God’s greatest gift?

Additionally, hunting for nature’s secrets is one of the hobbies many are adopting. It’s fulfilling when you find a new hangout spot somewhere in the country or when you’re travelling elsewhere. The world is so vast, and many exciting adventures await you.


Picture: Google

Due to these people who love searching for breathtaking spots, a newly discovered waterfall will make your jaw drop! It’s a perfect place to add to your ‘next destination’ list!

La Cascada de la Novia: Waterfall of the Bride will steal your breath away

Parallel to its name, this waterfall is exceptionally gorgeous. At first glance, it looks like a beautiful woman wearing a flowy white dress. However, it’s actually a waterfall located in Cajamarca, Peru!


Picture: News24

The waterfall towers at 165 feet (50 metres), and the water descends to the cliffside, illustrating a figure standing against the rock.

Did you know? Surprisingly, not all locals there knew about this waterfall! It was hidden near the village of Vigaspampa in Celendin province, Cajamarca region. The Waterfall of the Bride was a gem nature hid from many.

In 2017, human rights professor Gustavo Vela posted this magical discovery on Twitter, and it was the start of the waterfall’s fame.

A romantic tragedy behind the waterfall’s formation

According to local legends and traditions, the waterfall was a symbol of a young couple’s unrequited love.

They fell in love, but their families were against their relationship. Thus, they decided to elope, but both met a sad ending as they died in a ravine on the mountain.

It is said the water describes the woman with her wedding dress and veil, ready to be married. Furthermore, the ravine is called the Pachachaca tunnel. It’s a deep natural formation with some stalactites. The tunnel connects with the veil of the bride. Hence, another name for this tunnel is the tunnel of the bride.


Picture: Machu Travel Peru

To anyone who plans on visiting Peru, don’t forget to include La Cascada de la Novia in your list!

(Tips: It’s best to visit the waterfall between December and May. It has greater water flow, and the view will make you gasp in awe!)

Sources: Earthly Mission, Best Peru Tours

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