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Landslides From Torrential Rain Killed Villagers In Southern Peru

Picture: Republic World

As an earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, torrential rain caused landslides in Peru. A report from India Today stated that at least 36 people die due to the natural disaster. The heavy pouring rain kept on sweeping mud, water, and rocks into several villages located in Southern Peru.

The muddy and rocky landslides started sweeping on Sunday and affected four villages the most in an area called Nicolas Valcarcel.

The governor of Arequipa, Rohel Sanchez revealed the situation of the four villages is “really bad.”

Among the people who died are miners who were probably working at that time. Then, the mud from the landslides swept them away. Moreover, five of the victims dead were riding a van that was pushed into a river by a surge of mud.

Added Sanchez, across Arequipa, it has reached thousands of people who suffered the damage of the natural disaster and lost their homes.

36 bodies have been recovered in a remote sector called Miski, said Wilson Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a civil defense official in the Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel municipality in Camana province.

The officials in Arequipa have asked the government to declare a state of emergency for the region. In February, torrential rain is frequent in Peru and often causes deadly landslides.


Picture: Philadelphia Inquirer

Source: Le Monde, India Today, Yahoo News

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