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CODEGODA Is Back: Agoda’s Programming Competition Returns For Its Fourth Year


CODEGODA is back. Amid numerous new technology opportunities across fintech, XR, metaverse, AI, satellite connectivity, and more – Agoda believes the key to unlocking the value within them is recognizing great talent.  To that goal, Agoda announces the return of its annual global programming competition, Codegoda. Now in its fourth year, the competition has grown to become an equal-opportunity platform welcoming coders of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and levels of experience.   

Codegoda has the distinct advantage of being designed for coders by coders. The freeform style of tackling these problems allows participants to test the limits of their coding capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned tech professional or someone looking to get into this exciting field, Codegoda is mapped out to offer a challenging experience for all. Past results have even proven to help the working teams at Agoda consider solutions from a different perspective,” says Idan Zalzberg, Chief Technology Officer, Agoda. “The idea of keeping the competition open to all has always been a deliberate choice. At Agoda anyone, regardless of background and expertise, can choose to work in the technology space and the organization fosters a culture that encourages innovation and problem-solving.”   

The single-round competition runs from 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm ICT (Indochina Time) on 1 April 2023. Participants will be tasked to solve six algorithmic problems, within a three-hour window, mimicking real-life issues faced by Agoda’s tech team daily. No one-size-solution fits all, freeform problem-solving methods are encouraged, and coders can choose to use any programming language to solve the issue. There is a prize pot of USD$8750 with the overall winner having the chance to scoop the USD$3500 prize. Visit for more details. 

Here are some tips to beat the competition on the big day. Choose programming languages that enable you to quickly test and refine your solutions. When faced with a tricky issue, approach the problem in a scientific manner and break down the complex problems into simpler ones. Use small examples to understand the underlying pattern that can then be applied to larger and more complex solutions. To date, the competition has played host to over 20,000 participants from 89 markets. Past winners have emerged from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Germany and with some winners having no prior technical work experience.  The competition enables participants to demonstrate their programming skills on a global stage, adding credibility to those looking to further their careers in the field. Several participants have gone on to be hired by Agoda and have grown their careers at the company.   

All interested participants can visit for more details. 

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