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“Hey Proton, Close Bonnet!” A Man Used Voice Commands But Not For His Car

Pictures: TikTok @izuan522, TopPNG

These days, many cars support voice commands. It’s such a cool feature! And also, it wows us to think technology has really evolved through the years. Can you imagine? You can only use your voice to start the engine or even turn down the windows. You no longer have to do everything manually. Woah! Cool!

Technology has definitely made our lives easier. Despite having its negatives, we can’t argue that there is a balance of positives from it too.

Even though not all cars support this feature, who says you can’t experience using it? This video from @izuan522 proves that voice commands can be used everywhere. It’s not only for your car but for others too!


Hey proton close bonet 😂😂#protonsaga

♬ Ayang – Nabila Maharani

Seemingly, Izuan and his friends are driving to a destination. While on the road, they spotted a Proton Saga in front of them. We bet they’re trying their luck on this new and highly-improved manual voice command on the car!

They commanded, “Hey Proton, open the bonnet,” while the Saga passed the hump. Miraculously, the bonnet opened!

Afterwards, they tried again. This time, the manual voice command faced a slight glitch. It didn’t receive the order right away. It was a bit lagging.

But when they said, “Hey Proton, close bonnet,” it was closed!

Maybe the command needs to be more precise so that the car can receive the order efficiently. Pay attention to the connection!

Netizens couldn’t help but LOL at this! Some said their voice command is different than Izuan’s…


Picture: TikTok @izuan522


Picture: TikTok @izuan522

So, how about we try this while on the road? What say you?

Source: TikTok @izuan522

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