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Watch These Unforgettable BLACKPINK Performances Before They Come To Your Area

Picture: Youtube BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK in your area-yah indeed! OMG! One of the biggest girl groups is coming to town tomorrow! Their concert, BLACKPINK World Tour (Born Pink) in Kuala Lumpur, will witness an amazing pink ocean and excited screams from the BLINKS! Surely, everyone will have the time of their liveS, and the whole National Stadium Bukit Jalil will go DDU-DU DDU-DU DDU!


Picture: GoLive Asia

Well, for those attending their concert tomorrow, are you anticipating some outstanding live performances from these talented women? They will rock the stage for sure!

But before BLACKPINK adds more historical events to their book of history, why not go back in time and reminisce a few unforgettable live performances they did? Let’s go!

These are the most iconic live performances of BLACKPINK

1) BLACKPINK Coachella Live Performance (2019)

This might be one of the most iconic performances to date. Just the thought of a K-Pop group performing at Coachella? Insane. Many didn’t believe they could make it this far, but BLACKPINK proved them wrong!

They performed some of their biggest hits like DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill This Love and BOOMBAYAH. They served not only vocals but stunning visuals and incredible showmanship!

Everyone who attended this concert was blown away by their performance. They’re literally gasping for air at how deugeowo (hot) BLACKPINK are!

2) SOLO + DDU-DU DDU-DU + FOREVER YOUNG for SBS Gayo Daejun (2018)

Gayo Daejun is one of the end-year concerts every K-Pop stan anticipate for. It’s because this concert compiles many talented groups performing their hit songs with different twists. Not only that, but Gayo Daejun also offers new collaborations with many artists from other labels!

So, it’s not weird how everyone has hyped for BLACKPINK’s performance at this concert. The surprise factor of this performance was Jennie’s solo stage, SOLO, which had everyone going loco!

After her breathtaking performance, the three other members emerged from the stage and shook the world with the ‘pink venom’! It was indeed one of the best Gajo Daejun performances in history.

3) BLACKPINK Debut Stage: BOOMBAYAH (2016)

2016 was the start of the BLACKPINK in your area fever. Even though they’ve just debuted, their performance showed otherwise. They looked like seasoned performers already!

Usually, many K-Pop groups don’t perform live on their debut stage. But BLACKPINK said they had their mics on! We love to see that confidence, girls!

There are many more to this list. But what we can say is all of BLACKPINK’s performances are surely unforgettable!

Sources: Youtube BLACKPINK, WatchMojo

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