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MOG Brings Accessible Eye Care To Malaysians With 6-In-1 Vision Experiential Showcase Tour & In-Store Technology Upgrades


Metro Optical Group (MOG), one of Malaysia’s leading eye care providers, has successfully concluded its highly popular 6-in-1 Vision Experiential Showcase, aimed at providing the public with the best-fit vision solution through a professional 6-steps eye care consultation experience and also introduced Little Optometrist to the residents of Johor – a comprehensive eye care programme designed to educate and raise awareness on eye health among children and parents. Held for a week at Johor Bahru City Square, this event was part of MOG’s ongoing commitment to provide accessible, high-quality eye care services to Malaysians across the country, at the same time providing a fun and engaging activity for children to learn about eye health and simple vision problem diagnosis. 

The Little Optometrist initiative provided an interactive and immersive experience for children to test and diagnose their eye conditions in a controlled environment under the supervision of certified optometrists.  While the children were introduced to the field of optometry, parents were also educated on how to recognise symptoms that can adversely impact their children’s vision development and overall well-being. Ultimately, this initiative intends to encourage parents to prioritise their children’s vision health and bring them for timely eye checks on a yearly basis. 

Datin Bernice Low, CEO of MOG said, “At MOG, our commitment to eye care goes beyond simply providing eyewear. We are dedicated to creating a new standard in professional eye care, one that upholds the highest standards of precision, technology, and expertise. Our goal is to journey with our customers through all stages of their life, providing the best possible care at every step. 

The 6-in-1 Vision Experiential Showcase in Johor Bahru screened more than 1,000 customers, including both locals and Singaporeans, helping them understand their eye condition better and receive the vision solution required. The showcase also included panel sessions by eye care experts on topics such as children’s vision care, myopia management, elderly vision care, digital eye care, specialty lens care, and beauty and eye care – with the aim to address crucial yet relatable questions and raise awareness on vision care among public. 

As part of MOG’s commitment to increasing vision care accessibility across the nation, supporting orphanages in need has always been a priority in their CSR pipeline. This is aligned with MOG’s mission to address the global vision issue of myopia (short-sightedness), which is becoming increasingly prevalent, with an estimated half of the world’s population expected to be affected by 2050. If left untreated, conditions like myopia can significantly impact a child’s development, hindering their motor coordination, learning abilities, and emotional attachment during their formative years. MOG is proud to have made a contribution to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Shan De in Johor Bahru by providing  the orphans with the eyeglasses they need to support their studies. MOG conducted thorough visual assessments during the showcase period to ensure that each child received the appropriate eyewear to address their vision needs.

“Our commitment at MOG is to provide the best eye care services to all members of the community, regardless of their age. Our goal is to offer Malaysians the most personalised and advanced eye care solutions, starting from a young age, and to be their trusted eye care provider throughout their life. To achieve this, we have invested significantly, amounting to RM2.8 million in the previous financial year, to upgrade our in-store eye assessment equipment. This investment enables us to deliver hospital-grade eye health screenings and the most precise vision assessments for our customers. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to innovate and develop new technologies and concepts that will shape the future of eye care,” said Datin Bernice. 

MOG’s 6-in-1 Vision Experience is now readily available at all their MOG retail stores as a complimentary service with valid appointment booking on their website. MOG will continue its tour to cover more states in the months to come, striving to bring the best of vision care to fellow Malaysians and affirming their commitment as the nation’s trusted eye care provider.

For more information or latest updates about the brand and its products, please visit MOG’s official website (, Facebook ( or Instagram (

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