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MOG Ignites A Visionary Movement With Malaysia’s Pioneering Vision-Themed Carnival Fun Run

MOG Group of Companies (MOG), one of Malaysia’s leading and most reputable eye care providers in Malaysia, has revolutionised the concept of promoting vision health by organising the country’s inaugural vision-themed carnival fun run recently. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Setia City Mall in Shah Alam, this event witnessed an astounding 2000 participants – marking a meaningful stride towards fostering holistic well-being. 

In conjunction with World Sight Day 2023, MOG’s carnival fun run redefines the landscape of eye health awareness. More than just a run, it presents an ingenious fusion of education and entertainment, replete with captivating visual-based games, an interactive running trail, and an array of health-focused activities. Each facet of this unique carnival aimed to underscore the pivotal role of clear vision in everyday life, while proactively enlightening participants about safeguarding their eyesight through preventive measures. 

Showcasing a captivating selection of visual games that simulate specific vision symptoms in their carnival – encompassing myopia, cataract, glaucoma, AMD (age macular degeneration), light sensitivity and eye-hand coordination – the event offered an immersive experience that transcended the realm of optical solutions.


From left to right: Dato Henry Ng, Co-Founder of MOG, Datin Bernice Low, CEO of MOG, and Dato Frankie Ng, Founder and Chairman of MOG flagged off the runners during the MOG Vision Carnival Fun Run 2023

Datin Bernice Low, CEO of MOG Eyewear mentioned the carnival’s profound significance as a family-centric platform is commendable in uniting generations in a shared commitment to nurturing healthier vision habits. 

“Our mission extends beyond mere optical solutions; it’s about cultivating a deeper understanding of vision health as an integral facet of life. As such, having events like this is exceptionally crucial, for it brings immediate awareness towards the eyes, an organ that community put the least amount of attention to. We at MOG are determined to bring this attention to all through events and activities from here onwards.” 



MOG representative presenting the donation for Padmasambhava Children Loving Association Klang Selangor during the MOG Vision Carnival Fun Run to aid those in need of vision aid.

The resounding success of this event was buoyed by MOG’s esteemed corporate collaborators including optical, retail and FMCG partners. Celebrating 27 years of committed dedication, MOG continues to be a beacon of change, extending its impact especially to underprivileged communities particularly orphanages such as Ti-Ratana and Padmasambhava Children Loving Association who need as much contribution and access to vision aid as possible. Malaysians can look forward to their forthcoming iCare4Kids initiative, promising to empower less privileged children with expert vision solutions, bestowing them with the priceless gift of clear sight and boundless opportunities. 

“Empowering both the public and corporations to shape a brighter future for children has been our core mission. As we propel forward, our commitment to enhancing global vision persists, and we invite all to join us in this transformative journey,” Datin Bernice concluded. 

For more information or latest updates about the brand and its products, please visit MOG’s official website (, Facebook ( or Instagram (

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