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Announcement On Acquisition of Shares In Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd Through Its Subsidiary, Nojima APAC Limited

Nojima APAC Limited

Nojima APAC Limited (“Nojima APAC”), a foreign subsidiary of Nojima Corporation Japan, announced that they have, completed the Sale and Purchase Agreement with Endless Momentum Sdn Bhd on 1st JULY, 2023, to acquire 100% of the shares of Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd (“TMT”).

TMT is one of the largest Tech Retailer in the Malaysian market, retailing digital and communication products such as personal computers, mobile phones, lifestyle accessories, and IOT related products. TMT was established in 1997, and currently operates 49 stores in Malaysia. Malaysia’s real GDP growth rate is expected to remain at 3-5%, but TMT can be expected to achieve a higher growth in Malaysia’s business environment.

Nojima Corporation acquired Nojima APAC (formerly known as Courts Asia Limited), holding company of COURTS retail business’ through its subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. With the acquisition of TMT the synergy between COURTS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and TMT shall broaden the strength of both the businesses in Malaysian market and shall allow Customers to get greater access to the high quality and latest digital products. 

TMT will continue to operate under the TMT name until any further notice.

With this acquisition the Nojima Group of Companies are on course to become the leading Malaysian retailer and exhibits the Group’s confidence and commitment to the Malaysian market and its customers. 

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