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Hot Rocket Unveils “Buaya Endurance Race” As Part of Its Elite Driver Development Program in Malaysia

Hot Rocket Racing Club

In the tireless pursuit of molding future motorsport luminaries, Hot Rocket Racing Club has proudly announced the inception of a ground-breaking initiative, the Driver Development Program. Primarily focusing on go-karting and sim racing, this innovative program aims to identify and groom prodigious talent. The goal is to create world-class drivers capable of representing Hot Rocket in renowned racing events, both domestically and internationally.

The platform for the talent hunt is the upcoming Buaya Endurance Race on the 27th August 2023, a gripping go-kart event hosted by Hot Rocket Racing Club itself. The ultimate prize for 15 top performers is a golden opportunity to don the prestigious Hot Rocket colors in Pinnacle Go-kart Circuit in Subang end-of-year 6-hour endurance race. “This is no ordinary race, but a high-stakes event watched by motorsport aficionados worldwide”, said Terry Kuan, Founder/President of Hot Rocket Racing Club.

Hot Rocket Racing Club

Ahead of the endurance race, every driver will undergo extensive training at the state-of-the-art Pinnacle Go-kart Circuit in Subang. “The focus is not merely on honing the racers’ skills but also on ensuring they are mentally equipped to tackle any adversity that comes their way during the race’, he added.

The Buaya Endurance Race is a 2-hour non-stop go-karting with 15 teams of 2 to 4 drivers each will battle it out on the 1km track, switching drivers every 15 minutes to clock as many laps as possible within the given timeframe. 

Go-kart Endurance Racing is not merely about speed; it’s a blend of strategy, skill, consistency, and discipline. The sport requires careful arrangement of drivers with the best performing racers opening and closing the race, while the middle stint drivers maintain a consistent pace, guided by directives from the manager. The manager’s role is vital in coordinating the drivers and deciding on race strategy, while keeping a keen eye on the competition. The timekeeper ensures every lap performance is recorded to maximize the stint and avoid penalties by not exceeding the time limit per stint. Thus, this sport demands not only driving skill but also robust teamwork and strategy.

A prize pool worth RM10,000 sponsored by our benefactors awaits the triumphant teams. Beyond this, all racers will be treated to an array of freebies and will earn ‘rocket points’ that can be redeemed for motorsport accessories and go-kart sessions at select outlets.

The moniker ‘Buaya’ finds its roots in the Hot Rocket community, where it is fondly used to label exceptionally fast drivers. The term ‘Buaya,’ originating from the Malay word for crocodile, is fitting. It symbolizes the way these racers exhibit a stealthy, elusive behavior on the track, eerily reminiscent of a saltwater crocodile stealthily approaching its prey. The management team at Hot Rocket decided to honor these ‘silent killers’ by dedicating an entire race to them, thus initiation the event ‘Buaya’ Endurance Race on the 27th August, 2023.

“The Buaya Endurance Race is more than just a competition; it’s a tribute to the skill, speed, and guile that personifies the best in motorsport. Buckle up, the “Buayas” are coming”, Terry concluded.

For more information about Hot Rocket Racing Club and to register for the Buaya Endurance Race, visit and click on the registration link:

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