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Sacoor Blue And Sacoor One Debut New Stores, Bringing Conscious Living And Fashion-Forward Style To MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One

Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One, brands founded under the Sacoor Group, have successfully launched their respective 4th and 3rd stores in Malaysia at MyTOWN Shopping Centre as part of the group’s ambitious expansion plan in Southeast Asia. The adjoining stores feature a unique shop-in-shop concept, providing customers with an easy and convenient way to explore the diverse range from both labels.

This new concept artfully blends the distinct collections of each brand to create an unparalleled shopping experience. According to Sacoor Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Hugo Carriço, “Launching the shop-in-shop concept introduces an innovative way to showcase both brands side by side. This seamless arrangement allows customers to choose between Sacoor Blue’s versatile casual wear and Sacoor One’s refined formal attire. Both brands cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring a convenient and diverse shopping experience under one roof.”

Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One

[From L to R] Content Creator MaoMao, Content Creator Iyzdham AngKimHwa, Singer Yazmin Aziz, Content Creator Chris MJ, Actress Bella Dowanna, Founder & President of YouthCare Malaysia Jabir Meftah and former Malaysian Gymnast Farah Ann showing off their Sacoor Blue style

Although the stores are adjoined, each brand’s philosophy, apparel offerings, and interior stands out and offers a peek into the Sacoor world. For instance, Sacoor Blue seeks to connect with those passionate about eco-conscious issues and conscious consumption. The brand offers high-quality basics made to last, encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices and live a more active lifestyle.

[From L to R] Content Creator Arfan Rashid, Actor Riz Amin, Actor Amri Aziz, DJ Shawn Zod, Content Creator Josiah Khong, and Actor and Radio Host Imran Aqil looking sharp in Sacoor One

Sacoor One, on the other hand, caters to those looking for bold style and innovative pieces, encouraging individuality and self-expression. The brand takes pride in providing a diverse range of casual and formal wear, allowing customers to find “the One” that aligns perfectly with their distinct tastes and aspirations.

The event saw the two dynamic and young brands come together to carry out an experiential event with multiple activity stations for guests to enjoy, with eco-conscious practices thoughtfully woven throughout. This reflects the brands’ commitment to host more youthful and interactive events and activations in the future.

Singer, Jasmine Chong (in blue) and other guests redeeming their customised tote bags at the calligraphy area

To further emphasise the event’s theme of eco-consciousness, guests were served drinks from ZUS Coffee in Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One glass bottles and were encouraged to use the refillable drink station. Additionally, attendees had a chance to personalise reusable Sacoor Blue tote bags at the calligraphy section, adorned with their names crafted in penmanship.

[From L to R] Actress Bella Dowanna, Actor and Radio Host Imran Aqil, Content Creator Arfan Rasid and Actor Atiq Azman rocking out on Guitar Hero

Guests were also invited to unleash their inner rockstar at an exhilarating game of Guitar Hero, showcasing their musical prowess and competing with each other in a lively atmosphere. Additionally, attendees showed off their best poses at the beautifully decorated dual photowall, capturing memorable moments to encapsulate the joyous occasion. The electrifying mix of activities elevated the celebration and reinforced its core theme of style, sustainability, and forging meaningful customer connections.

Founder & President of YouthCare Malaysia, Jabir Meftah poses in front of the dual photowall

The event drew a diverse crowd, from media personalities and trendsetters to content creators, athletes, and actors. Notable faces include former Malaysian Gymnast Farah Ann, Founder & President of YouthCare Malaysia Jabir Meftah, Content Creator Mia Chai and popular local actors Dini Schatzmann and Imran Aqil.

Sacoor Blue: Embrace Nature, Embrace Simplicity

Sacoor Blue Store Front

Sacoor Blue draws inspiration from the serene landscape of South Portugal and the rising trend of people seeking a simpler and more balanced way of life. The brand’s philosophy encourages consumers to reconnect with nature and embrace a relaxed lifestyle.

The store’s interior, influenced by countryside homes, emanates a calming ambience. Complete with wooden details, vibrant green foliage, and rattan chairs, the elements of the store provide a down-to-earth feel and a perfectly Instagrammable shopping experience.

Designed for fuss-free living, Sacoor Blue’s apparel utilises high-quality materials, ideal for day-to-day wear and easy mixing and matching. Among the versatile pieces offered include comfortable loungewear, fun T-Shirts, and tailored suits, all of which are designed in Portugal and with environmental consciousness in mind.

Discover more about Sacoor Blue’s latest Summer Collection HERE

Sacoor One: Your Style, Your Statement

Sacoor One is a menswear line inspired by the lifestyle of a young man living in the heart of New York City. Rooted in the belief that every individual should be bold, unique, and unafraid to stand out, Sacoor One encourages customers to break free from traditional norms and make a statement through their clothing choices.

The store experience at Sacoor One bridges the gap between formal elegance and carefree leisure, creating an oasis for those who cherish the art of living to the fullest. Its interior design mirrors a young man’s dream loft in Soho. The walls, adorned with a basketball hoop, skateboards and surfboards make for an Instagrammable background and create an adventurous and playful environment fit for the modern gentleman.

With a focus on innovative basics and clean-cut designs, Sacoor One empowers its wearers to express their individuality with confidence. Whether for a formal occasion or a casual outing, Sacoor One adds effortless elegance, making its mark as a go-to menswear brand for the modern man. From trendy polos to colourful suits to fashionable sportswear, the collection is designed in Portugal and is curated for every need.

Visit the latest Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One stores on the Ground Floor, Lot 040 & 041, at MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

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