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Hamadaya And APOM Unveil Exquisite Limited Edition T-Shirts Celebrating Malaysians’ Passion For Japanese Cuisine!


Hamadaya, Malaysia’s award-winning Japanese sauce brand has collaborated with the Malaysian culture store brand, APOM, in conjunction with Hari Malaysia celebration and to pay homage to Malaysians’ profound admiration for Japanese cuisine and culture. Together, they are launching  two exclusive limited edition t-shirt designs that artfully depict Malaysians’ fondness for Japanese food and culture. These shirts feature APOM’s signature creativity and clever wordplay, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s unique style.

To authentically represent the Malaysian essence, one t-shirt design pays homage to Malaysia’s beloved mamak culture, featuring a depiction of the country’s renowned breakfast dish: half-boiled eggs, accompanied by a bottle of Hamadaya’s soy sauce. The other design showcases a mouthwatering bowl of ramen, with Hamadaya’s soy sauce taking centre stage. Adding a touch of Malaysian slang, the design playfully incorporates the term “lah men” as a clever play on words for “ramen.” The release of these limited edition t-shirts truly captures the rich Malaysian culture and their unwavering love for gastronomy, perfectly aligning with the spirit of Hari Malaysia.


Lili Ho, VP Marketing of Hamadaya delivers an engaging opening speech at theHamadaya x APOM Merchandise Launch Event.

Lili Ho, VP of Marketing of Hamadaya said, “We’ve always been dedicated to introducing Hamadaya products to new audiences and encouraging them to include our sauces in their culinary or cooking journey. But this time, instead of growing some room in our customers’ stomach with a taste of Hamadaya, we’ve partnered with APOM, a beloved Malaysian brand known for infusing fun and excitement into Malaysian culture. Together, we’ve created these limited edition t-shirts, allowing Malaysians to proudly showcase their love for Japanese cuisine in a playful and stylish manner.” 

Meanwhile, Joanne Yong, General Manager & Partner of APOM said, “As a Malaysian brand, we take pride in our ability to craft souvenirs infused with relatable and clever puns, and this time we are featuring one of Malaysia’s beloved condiments, soy sauce. Our aim is to captivate our audience’s attention, and we remain committed to exploring innovative design concepts to delight our valued customers.”


The limited edition t-shirts came in two designs, priced at RM50 per piece and are available at APOM Store KLCC from 22 September until 21 October 2023.

Hamadaya and APOM both hope that this collaboration inspires other local brands to pay tribute to the richness of Malaysia’s culture, heritage and especially food in various creative ways. The limited edition T-shirts are priced at RM50 each and available atAPOM’s retail store in KLCC for a limited time only!

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