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How The Malaysians Can Save Money on Trips During The New Year Holidays

Maxim service

The Maxim service told how the fares of e-hailing may change due to increase in demand during the holidays and at what time it is better to book a trip in order to get your vehicles faster and cheaper.

On holidays, the order of e-hailing rides is ordered two times more often than regular times. People frequently go shopping, visit relatives and friends and visit tourist places too. During the holidays, demand for tourist trips also increase because the working population take several days leave. This means that orders to the airport, railway or bus stations are more frequent. In addition, many car owners orders ride hailing, who also want to avoid driving in the busy street. This increase in demand shall affect the fare price of the service.

Maxim specialists have determined that in the period from December 24 to January 2, the demand for trips increases by more than 45%. At the same time, during hours of high demand, the price of a trip can be 1.5 – 2 times higher than the usual. This is due to the inclusion of an additional coefficient that increases the cost of the trip. Such a surcharge motivates drivers to work and allows all passengers to get their cars faster. If you order a ride during a period when demand has not yet increased, you can save from 30% to 50% of the cost of the trip.

According to the forecast of the service, this year the necessity for e-hailing will increase on December 30 in the evening and at night, which may lead to a 1.5-fold increase in prices. Demand will reach its maximum value from the evening of December 31 to the morning of January 1, when people celebrate the New Year. At this time, a double ride fare may apply. The situation has been normalizing since the second day of January.

Thus, you can leave at the usual price if you try to avoid peak hour or order a car from Monday to Thursday, on Friday afternoon, after January 2. Those who need to save money on transport can plan their trips keeping this in mind. In the Maxim application, you can always calculate the estimated cost of a trip along the selected route.

For those who need a quick delivery of transport, analysts advise to slightly increase the price of the trip. This way the order will become more attractive to drivers which means that it will be executed first.

During the New Year holidays and festive season, the vibrant colors of the city with all sort of mind boggling decorations the festivities is joyous all around the country. Maxim has already started congratulating the Malaysians by including a winter theme in the application. Now you can choose the New Year’s icon of the application, the company logo has a Santa Claus hat, snow is falling on the screen, and after the trip a greeting appears. The service will help you to catch up everywhere and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones..


Maxim was launched in Malaysia in 2019. The first order was completed in Kuantan. Now the service operates in 70 more cities.

Since 2019, the company has been developing innovative technologies for ordering transport for delivery and other services, making it more modern, accessible and safe. The service has created the system that makes it possible to register an unlimited number of clients and performers, and process millions of orders. The Maxim app for ordering services and the Taxsee Driver app for performing orders are among the top apps with millions of users.


Application is available in the following platforms:  Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, GetApps, Oppo App Market, Vivo App Store and Galaxy Store. 

The mission of the service is to constantly improve user interaction and help people move towards their goals!

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