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Revamp Your Living Space For The Chinese New Year With Airbot’s Celebratory Promotions!

Chinese New Year

Capturing the spirit of the Dragon Year in the Chinese New Year festivities, Airbot is unveiling an array of promotions to enhance the joy of the season. Immerse yourself in the thrill of fantastic deals, especially tailored for the auspicious Lunar New Year! As a leading manufacturer of high-quality yet affordable home appliances, Airbot brings forth exclusive and time-limited promotions, ensuring Malaysians revel in irresistible discounts on a diverse range of home essentials including the Airbot iClean Omni X, Airbot Hypersonics Pro, Airbot Hypersonics Max, Airbot Aria Pro, and more.

Customers can look forward to the exciting promotion starting 10 February 2024 on Airbot Malaysia’s official store on Shopee; and enjoy the flash sales promo on Airbot Malaysia’s official store on Lazada starting 15 February 2024 until 18 February 2024. 

Some of the key promotion highlights are listed as below:

Airbot Aura 

(RRP: RM 699; usual price: RM 339)

Promo Price: RM 309 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM19.90 to receive Airbot Induction Cooker IC01 (worth RM 250)

Airbot Hypersonics Pro 

(RRP: RM 1,499; usual price: RM 499)

Promo Price: As low as RM 399

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)

Airbot Hypersonics Max

(RRP: RM 2,399; usual price: RM 799) 

Promo Price: RM 769 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)

Airbot iClean Max 

(RRP: RM 3,599; usual price: RM 1,599)

Promo Price: RM 1,599 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 0.99 to receive Add-on Package (worth RM 599)

Airbot iClean Omni X

(RRP: RM 6,999; usual price: RM 1,799)

Promo Price: RM 1,799

Add on deal exclusively on Shopee: RM2.00 to receive Airbot Dual Blade Bread Maker BM3800 (worth RM 869)

Airbot Aria Pro 

(RRP: RM 999; usual price: RM 349)

Promo Price: RM 249.99

No more waiting! Mark your calendar for 10 February 2024, and grab the best deals across respective sales channels. Be prepared to transform your home with dragon-inspired delight and enjoy incredible savings. Check out its official website at for latest updates and promotions. 

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