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Prepare Your Home For Hari Raya Joy With Airbot’s 4.4 Festive Sale

Hari Raya

As we approach the joyous celebration of Hari Raya, let’s adorn our homes with festive cheer. Hari Raya holds a special place in our hearts, signifying unity, gratitude, and renewal. Elevate your home environment to reflect the spirit of this memorable occasion.

To assist you in your Hari Raya preparations and enhance your home ambiance, Airbot presents exclusive discounts of up to 60% on a variety of products including vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and home security systems. From the latest Airbot Aria HyperStyler, now available for as low as RM899, to the cutting-edge Airbot Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra priced at only RM2,133, Airbot offers unparalleled efficiency and convenience to ensure your home remains immaculate with minimal effort.

Some of the key promotion highlights are listed as below:

Airbot Aura 

(RRP: RM 699; usual price: RM 339)

Promo Price: RM 309 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM19.90 to receive Airbot Induction Cooker IC01 (worth RM 250)

Airbot Hypersonics Pro 

(RRP: RM 1,499; usual price: RM 499)

Promo Price: As low as RM 399

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)

Airbot Hypersonics Max

(RRP: RM 2,399; usual price: RM 799) 

Promo Price: RM 769 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)

Airbot iClean Max 

(RRP: RM 3,599; usual price: RM 1,599)

Promo Price: RM 1,599 

Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 0.99 to receive Add-on Package (worth RM 599)

Airbot iClean Omni X

(RRP: RM 6,999; usual price: RM 1,799)

Promo Price: RM 1,799

Add on deal exclusively on Shopee: RM2.00 to receive Airbot Dual Blade Bread Maker BM3800 (worth RM 869)

Airbot Aria HyperStyler

(RRP: RM1,999)

Promo Price: RM899
Airbot Aria Pro 

(RRP: RM 999; usual price: RM 349)

Promo Price: RM 249.99

Join Airbot in celebrating Hari Raya with style and ease. Explore the special offers available from 4 April 2024 to 6 April 2024 exclusively on Airbot’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Let Airbot elevate your home experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – family, togetherness, and the joy of the festive season.

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