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Cyberview Launches Cyberjaya Women’s Network

Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce the launch of the Cyberjaya Women’s Network, an initiative aimed at empowering women to excel in various aspects of professional and personal development, especially in the technological landscape.

The Cyberjaya Women’s Network is founded as part of Cyberview’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles whereas women empowerment is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) topic under the Social Responsibility pillar.

The network will serve as a platform for mentorship, career advancement, upskilling, and professional development opportunities for women professionals in Cyberjaya’s vibrant tech community.

Cyberjaya Women's Network

Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Samad, CEO Cyberview said “This initiative is a platform for women to come together, empower and foster other women within the community through various aspects of professional and personal development. As an organisation, Cyberview constantly empowers our female workforce, believing that the voices of women bring significant perspective. I am happy to say that 50% of our workforce is women, and we have an encouraging representation of women in the top management with 36%. Certainty, we are striving to increase this further.”

As an organisation, Cyberview constantly invests in women and empowers our female workforce. The tech hub developer affirms its commitment to continue nurturing more women to move up to key roles, lead and inspire, not just within the company but within the tech ecosystem and the community. 

Izatul Arini Mohd Ariff Albakri, CFO Cyberview said “Cyberview places a high priority on nurturing young talent in line with the Government’s commitment to drive them to their fullest potential. With the launch of the Cyberjaya Women’s Network, we look forward to engaging with young women to provide them with necessary tools in preparation to meet industry demands.”

Izatul also emphasises the need for women to strengthen their financials, investing in empowering themselves with financial intelligence and ensuring a life-long quest for knowledge. 

Key objectives of the Cyberjaya Women’s Network include:

Inspiring Positive Change in Corporate Culture: Highlight the role of women in leadership, emphasising their contributions to corporate success and sustainable growth.

Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Encourage the sharing insights, experience and best practices to enhance professional growth and mutual support.

Empowering Women in Leadership: Provide tangible support and resources to empower women in leadership roles to ensure they have the tools necessary for success.

Cyberjaya Women's Network

The launch, which took place at RekaScape, Cyberjaya during Cyberview’s International Women’s Day Celebration themed, “Breaking Barriers and Championing Change”, was officiated by Izatul Arini Mohd Ariff Albakri, Chief Finance Officer Cyberview and witnessed by Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Samad, Chief Executive Officer Cyberview.

Later, recognition was given to the first line-up of the Cyberjaya Women’s Network which comprised of discerning individuals from among corporate leaders and the academia.

Apart from the launch, the event also saw a panel discussion titled “Breaking Barriers in Tech” whereby esteemed speakers, Azita Azizan, Chief People Officer of Aerodyne, Grace Liew, Head of Business Development for Cyclone Robotics and Co-Founder of CyberSphere and Siti Shafinaz Salim, Head of Technology Hub Division, Cyberview talked about encouraging women to have more influence through conversations as these lead to more knowledge, no matter the industry. There was also an ESG Talk session where Anne Abraham, Founder & Chairperson, LeadWomen shared that the number of women holding top management posts in public listed companies has now reached 30.7% as compared to 7% when they started in 2010. Sue Yuin Ho, Vice President, BD & Ecosystem Engagement, AIBP, meanwhile shared that women should embrace their uniqueness and appreciate their own story. 

Other highlights of the event included signing of ESG Strategic Partners, TM R&D, AIBP, and LeadWomen and an exclusive pre-recorded session titled ‘Voices from the Frontline: Reporting the Gaza Conflict – How we can play our part?” by Istanbul-based Malaysian journalist, Natasha Hussain, who shared about her experience covering the genocide in Gaza, her interview with Motaz Azaiza and how we can play our part in continuing to talk about the atrocities happening there. 

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