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Julie’s Is Going Beyond Festivities By Challenging Traditional Narratives In Its New Hari Raya Sci-Fiesque Short Film

Hari Raya

Julie’s is shaking up the scene once again with its latest must-watch Hari Raya short film called “Iklan Raya A.I.dilfitri” (A Raya A.I.dilfitri Ad). In this highly anticipated release, the brand continues its tradition of pushing boundaries and sparking conversations through compelling storytelling. This year’s short film dives deep into conversations surrounding gender norms and stereotypes, with a unique narrative that you won’t want to miss.

It follows the journey of a fictional marketing team at Julie’s who are on a quest to create the perfect Hari Raya advertisement using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), AdGPT. The short film delves into the struggles of the marketing team as they attempt to break free from the ideas suggested by the AI that focus on traditional gender roles during the festive season. Despite their multiple efforts to manually edit the prompt and content, the AI-generated ads consistently emphasised these stereotypical Hari Raya scenes of women cooking in the kitchen and men engaging in lighter tasks in the living room amongst many other stereotypes, reinforcing outdated gender norms.

Hari Raya

In a compelling twist when trying to fix the AI, the team finds themselves immersed within the AI realm itself, encountering a child, the embodiment of the AI. Through this encounter, they discover the root cause of the biased AI-generated content which stems from years of societal conditioning and ingrained stereotypes. Despite all that, they discover a beacon of hope: changing these outdated views is possible. Through positive narratives and reinforcement, particularly during celebrations like Hari Raya which emphasises forgiveness and renewal, these biases can change.

Tzy Horng Sai, Director of Julie’s Biscuits said, “This marks Julie’s fourth year producing short festive films of this nature. We are passionate about continuously using our platform to spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change. In crafting this year’s film, we aimed to shed light on society’s role in perpetuating gender stereotypes while advocating for gender equity, all while honouring traditions. We hope it serves as more than just entertainment; let it be an inspiration for change. By teaching and modelling equality, we hope to lend a hand in creating a future where there are fewer assigned gender roles, where women and men can both contribute equally in their own ways.”

This short film was produced in collaboration with GOVT Singapore, the creative agency behind Julie’s many thought-provoking festive campaigns. Kevin Poh the Group Creative Director of GOVT commented on the process of creating this film, “When we started brainstorming for this, we were surrounded by debates and discussions about AI and were particularly interested in the gender and cultural biases found in AI. Through testing, we spotted gender stereotypes in the generated results despite trying to reword our prompts. We quickly realised a fundamental truth: AI learns from humans and mirrors our biases. The good news is, AI can learn to unlearn those biases if we can too. Since Raya is also about renewal, we thought it the perfect timing to reflect on these biases and start a clean slate about the way we see and talk about gender — in a way that’s meta, self-referential and, as always, loads of fun.”

Join Julie’s in reimagining the narrative of Hari Raya and creating new traditions that are inclusive and equal for all. Iklan Raya A.I.dilfitri is now available for viewing on Julie’s official YouTube channel.

Customers who are getting started on their Hari Raya preparations can purchase Julie’s Love Letters which is perfect for gifting and snacking as it is conveniently packed in a tub. The Love Letters are available in three flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Get them at your nearest retail stores or online at the official Julie’s Shopee and Lazada flagship stores. To get continuous updates on Julie’s latest promotions, contests, and activities, visit our website or follow us on Facebook at and Instagram at

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