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DoDoo? What is DoDoo? Well, after half a year since our Grand Opening in June of 2023; we, Mads Group as a team of Food Enthusiast & Management finally came to a conclusion that DoDooKL is not just a simple place for food and leisure. The main goal of having DoDoo is to break the traditional way of expressing a particular brand and actually shows how we can be a very adaptable trendy lifestyle store that everyone can enjoy seasonally.

DoDooKL is a One-Stop Food & Beverage Place which offers the kind of lifestyle that connects everyone from different stages in life by having different concepts at the same time under the same roof. Located at the historical place in KL, Petaling Street.


The concepts that bring meaning to DoDoo KL are Trending coffee, bakeries & desserts, modern concept instagrammable cafe, casual fine dining cuisine & romantic wine serving place.

Definitely you may ask what do you mean by connecting people from different stages of life?

What’s more enjoyable during our lunch or dinner meals? Of course! Good varieties of food will never be out of the question, but more importantly is the connection between people; human interaction and communication! We’ve always been working our best to maintain a good working culture between colleagues which indirectly gives a very good vibe, fun, and service towards our customers.

Two Main Concepts

DoDoo Kitchen (Ground Floor) – A place that shows fusion at its peak!

We are a grilling powerhouse that represents Modern European & Asian inspired casual fine fusion cuisine. We offer seasonal food, taste, decor & vibes that allows our patrons to come over and enjoy the 4 season concepts of food.


Oriental, Malayan, Korean, French.

Currently we are serving traditional Malayan concept of casual dining experience to introduce our creativity in culinary for our Muslim friends to enjoy during and after the Ramadan period.

DoDoo x VCR (First Floor) – A place to spend leisure time with good food & music.

Recent Cromboloni trends have been great and very acceptable among the Malaysia community which brings all Malaysians throughout the country to try out the pastries and coffee with us. We’re also well known for our Jiggly Cat Pudding which are still quite trendy till today.


Private Events

DoDooKL is also designed to cater to a wide range of customers and clientele, from private events to large groups of celebration and company events. So far we’ve held several events like the Pertama Kali

Speed Dating event, Chateau Lagrange French Wine Pairing event, education ceremonies, annual dinners, marriage proposals and several birthday parties.

Group Memberships

Looking forward to strengthening and connecting to the community, one of the most valuable aspects will definitely be our Mads Group F&B Brands Memberships. All of our patrons are able to enjoy 10% off at EVERY VISIT and also further item rewards at any of our Mads Group dine in experience, from Oriental Dim Sum Restaurant, Western Fusion Cafe, Trendy Coffee & Bakery until Casual Fine Dining experience!

For further Collaborations and Ideas Expansion

To have more future collaborations we will be bringing in more exciting products and concepts in order to cater to our patrons, there will be a hotspot for ice-cream, fashion designs and future collaborations awaits!

Feel free to contact us for further discussion:

Instagram: @DoDooKL



192, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur



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