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HARTA Pays Homage to Malaysia’s Living, Life-Giving Rivers with ‘Sacred Currents’ by SC Shekar


HARTA, which stands for HABIB: Action for the Revival of our Traditions and Arts, is proud to present its first ever photographic exhibition, Sacred Currents by SC Shekar, one of Malaysia’s veteran and award-winning photographers.

The Sacred Currents exhibition, which is open from now until 2nd June 2024 at HARTA, is a long overdue document of Malaysia’s many rivers and riverine habitats, which countless generations have depended on for sustenance. Comprising 30 works in Black & White, these breathtaking images are captured from the vantage point of a helicopter, revealing the stunning beauty and intricate ecosystems of the country and her rivers.

Captured across the length and breadth of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak, it speaks powerfully of the incredibly fragile existence our rivers face today in our nation’s pursuit of progress. The stories behind these works foretell a bleak legacy for our children, and the generations to come, should we not take a stand today to change our attitudes and the choices we make concerning the distress these life-giving waterways are facing.

Sacred Currents capture beautiful yet fleeting moments of Malaysia’s winding rivers, which are now threatened by pollution and our unsustainable way of life,” shared Mirsham Meer, the Director behind HARTA. “It portrays the immense and conscious effort we need to take to protect our ecosystem for the future, so we hope these mesmerising yet deeply meaningful photographs resonate with people as much as it does with us,” Mirsham added.

SC Shekar’s Sacred Currents exhibition is both an ode to the majesty of these sacred rivers, as well as a clarion call for a paradigm shift in every one of us – our conscious return to values that embrace harmony with nature and a symbiotic existence.

To commemorate its launch, Sacred Currents was officiated by His Highness Tunku Ali Redhauddin ibni Tuanku Muhriz, Tunku Besar Seri Menanti of Negeri Sembilan in the presence of representatives from the international diplomatic corp, special guests and media.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will also be an outreach program inviting schools in the Klang Valley to bring their students on a study exploration of Malaysia’s many rivers. The outreach aims to bring about awareness, educate, and inspire the next generation to understand the significance of protecting our waterways, and to rekindle the connection between people and their rivers.

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