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LG Malaysia Introduces LG ARTCOOL: The Next-Generation Cooling Solution


LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd (LG Malaysia) proudly introduces its latest pinnacle of cooling innovation, the LG ARTCOOLTM an extension of its Artcool series is now available nationwide. Representing LG’s commitment to “Life’s Good”, the LG ARTCOOL redefines the benchmark for home comfort and style in the realm of air conditioning. 

As the epitome of the Artcool series, the new LG ARTCOOLTM seamlessly integrates advanced cooling capabilities with a sleek, minimalist design, ensuring optimal comfort without compromising on aesthetics. Justin Choi, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia, emphasises the product’s dual focus on technology and design, stating, “The all-new LG ARTCOOLTM represents our commitment to providing premium, revolutionary approaches that enhance the lives of our consumers. We believe this new addition will introduce a new standard of living and efficiency to spaces, ensuring optimal comfort even in hot and humid climates.”

The LG ARTCOOLTM features an array of innovative technologies designed to elevate the user experience. The sleek and stylish design, available in both polished mirror finish and green, adds a touch of modern elegance to any interior — enhancing the overall ambiance of Malaysian homes and offices. 

Equipped with the PlasmasterTM Ionizer++, LG ARTCOOLTM effectively filters out dust particles and eliminates 99.9% bacteria, ensuring clean and healthy air quality. The inclusion of a Dual Inverter Compressor delivers exceptional energy efficiency, which helps reduce electricity consumption without compromising cooling comfort. 

Furthermore, the integration of the LG ARTCOOLTM with the ThinQ App enables users to monitor and control their air conditioning settings remotely, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility to everyday living. 

“At LG Malaysia, we believe that Life’s Good when you are surrounded by superior comfort, intelligence, and style. Advanced functionality and aesthetics are options Malaysians should not have to struggle with choosing, and we want to continue providing our consumers with uncompromising customer satisfaction through the seamless connectivity of our solutions and products,” added Justin. 

For more information and updates on LG ARTCOOLTM, please visit LG Malaysia’s official website, or follow LG Malaysia’s official Facebook page at

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