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Hock Kee Kopitiam Attains Halal Certification

Hock Kee

Hock Kee Kopitiam, renowned for its rich heritage and diverse culinary offerings, proudly announces that it has attained the prestigious Halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Hock Kee Kopitiam is celebrated for its rich, nostalgic flavors of Malaysian and Nanyang delicacies, bringing immense happiness with every platter served. Designed to replicate the “meeting place” of the olden days, Hock Kee Kopitiam exists to bring people together and celebrate the rich cultural legacy embedded in their dishes. The restaurant has always upheld a strict no pork, no lard policy, ensuring inclusivity for all.

Driven by a mission to bring the authentic flavors of Malaysia to the masses, Hock Kee Kopitiam has expanded significantly over the years. Today, it boasts six outlets across the country, including its latest addition in Kota Damansara. Additionally, a new branch will soon be opening at Tuah 1985, KL. Whether it is the traditional “kopi bing” or a gourmet-style latte, Hock Kee Kopitiam serves every cup of coffee with love, joy, and bliss. With a full menu catering to all food cravings from breakfast to supper, Hock Kee Kopitiam has become the “Makan” destination for many Malaysians.

Hock Kee

“We are immensely proud to be a brand cherished by Malaysians of all races. This milestone allows us to share our beloved Malaysian cuisine with an even broader audience, including our Muslim friends and international visitors. The Halal certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. We are also thrilled to announce the opening of our new branch in Kota Damansara and look forward to welcoming everyone,” said Nick Ng, founder and CEO of Hock Kee Kopitiam.

Prior to receiving the Halal certification, Hock Kee Kopitiam had already garnered a strong following among Malaysian food enthusiasts. The establishment has always been mindful of its Muslim patrons, ensuring that its offerings were Muslim-friendly. The Halal certification is a testament to their dedication to inclusivity and quality.

Hock Kee

This achievement marks a new milestone for Hock Kee Kopitiam. Attaining the Halal certification by JAKIM not only reinforces the brand’s commitment to quality and inclusivity but also sets the stage for continued growth and success. Hock Kee Kopitiam remains dedicated to bringing the rich, authentic flavors of Malaysia to more people, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their beloved dishes.

For more information, stay connected with Hock Kee Kopitiam’s official website to find out more.

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