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Christchurch Gunman Pleads Guilty To 51 Murders

The Australian man blamed for the assaults on two New Zealand mosques a year ago pleaded guilty on 51 charges of murder.

Brenton Tarrant, who showed up by video interface in a unique High Court hearing, additionally admitted to 40 charges of murder and one terrorism charge.

The court will presently sentence him on every one of the 92 charges yet didn’t give a date to that condemning. Tarrant was remanded in authority until another court appearance on May 1.

Because of an across the nation lockdown set up for the coronavirus episode, Thursday’s court hearing occurred with insignificant staff, legal counselors and media present.

Tarrant has been in jail since the March 15 assault, where he utilized self-loading weapons to target Muslims going to Friday petitions in Christchurch, stamping New Zealand’s most exceedingly terrible peacetime mass shooting.


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