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Influencer Participated In ‘Toilet Licking Challenge’ Claimed He Tested Positive Covid-19

An influencer from Califronia who participated in the viral toilet-licking challenge claims to have tested positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

He announced the test on Twitter, saying, “I tested positive for Coronavirus.” However, his Twitter account has since been suspended.

His Twitter account has since been suspended.

He positive test comes just days after he shared a video of himself licking the seat of the toilet.

Through a TikTok video, it showed he was seen poking his mouth around the toilet bowl, before licking it.

Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain (GMB) said, “You probably remember the others, it also happened in America, as a coronavirus challenge, going to the toilet and licking the toilet bowl.

” I think it’s karma, he got COVID-19,” he said.


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