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Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora Suspend Serie A Amid Coronavirus

Italy’s Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora approached Sunday (Mar 8) for a prompt suspension of the Serie A season due to the coronavirus cases that have killed many people in the Mediterranean nation.[0]=68.ARBUwlarLEkEX06JujkoCvLBicXF9VNqQblhQLuC_5W951ypgGDqA8v5upLu_bUZX8rWQOl36MZZ_X9_gv0PH79NCF9URTFbTlKz4eZ0yIpZjg3R6mYMBSYyZDucCS5wzvpvI-VZ1Qh_mpEiZ4bBeZMvAAmt-2sQ6U17fTzL6MmtAc_Mlcc81Cf9I_yD4GLrtidnHySmFZ4yo4J7PrYEZVRkvW7XJTlsH_G7fTyf_CEkEZEIVFFOmePEDMjDvp_LxPPJ_ulFH0O4dr7xpr-W63VthGZaQ6lhMMbRANt5sx5oN06Al402GbvwwOnIieUUCJBRIyzVyyYPD4MNol7JlFaW&__tn__=-R

According to Channel News Asia, Spadafora said that “The FIGC (Italian Football Federation) should consider immediately STOPPING Serie A.” He added, “It makes no sense right now, as we ask citizens to make enormous sacrifices to prevent the spread of the virus, to endanger the lives of players, referees, coaching staff and fans who will surely gather to watch the matches, by not temporarily suspending football.”

On Wednesday, Serie A was requested to play away from the crowds until April 3 as a major aspect of more extensive estimates forced across the nation to constrain the audience and battle the spread of the COVID-19 illness.

Source: Vincenzo Spadafora, Channel News Asia

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