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Woman In Muar Discovers Hidden Camera At Famous Drink Shop’s Bathroom

Does everybody know how to detect spycams? It is important to know how to detect spycams or hidden cameras, especially in the public toilet. Places like toilets in a shopping mall or restaurant are pretty much an easy target for a pervert to take advantage of. It always happens, especially in the female toilet.

Tweets by the Twitter name @sueannajoe_ has shared about how to exactly know or detect spycams in the toilets because nowadays anything can happen and we as a community must stay alert.

The tweets below show that a hidden camera was found on a toilet brush in Muar.

Plastic hook on the door and it was believed happen in Singapore.

Picture via @sueannajoe_

Hidden camera in a plastic hook that was found in Britain.

Spycams or hidden camera that was found in various shapes.

With these kinds of things that can easily happen, @sueannajoe_ also reminds everyone to be extra vigilant. In this modern or technological era, we must stay focus, especially in public places so that there will be no irresponsible person take advantage of us.

Source: Sue Anna Joe

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