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Avoid Doing These Three Things To Maintain Your Health

Talking about health is very important in life. If you have good health, your day-to-day activities will go a long way. One of the most important things in ensuring good health is maintaining a healthy diet. Consuming healthy foods consistently can improve your body’s health.

This situation is usually experienced by everyone, especially after eating and breakfast. But if you fall asleep after breakfast, things will certainly get worse. You might be late for work. Besides sleeping, quoting from

Live Strong turns out there are other things that should not be done after eating. This situation is usually experienced by everyone especially after eating and breaking fast.

Here are 3 things that you should not do it.

1. Brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth after eating turns out to be a bad idea. If you have just consumed acidic foods, tooth enamel is in a weak condition. If you brush it right away, it might actually damage it. It would be better to wait 30 minutes after finishing eating or brush your teeth before eating.

Another case when you consume foods high in carbohydrates and sugar can cause certain bacteria to form in your mouth. It would be better if after eating immediately brush your teeth, to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

2. Sleep

This is the thing that should be avoided most after eating because it can cause nausea. At least it takes a break for three hours after eating.

When eating, food will be stored in the stomach. If someone sleeps after eating, there is no more gravitational force that helps food and stomach acid go down. Things happen instead of making food and stomach acid return to the esophagus and cause heartburn.

3. Sports

After eating, it is not recommended to exercise immediately. This is because the digestive system also needs blood to function properly.  If you want to exercise, wait 3-4 hours after eating. If only snacking or eating snacks, you can wait 1-2 hours.

It can also be overcome by walking slowly for about 30 minutes, to help reduce the food that has just been consumed.

Sources: Health detik

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