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Shoemaker Create Long-Nosed Leather Shoes, Making Sure People Follow Social Distancing

Picture: The Jakarta Post/Inquam Photos

A shoemaker from Cluj, Romania has created a long-nosed leather shoes to make sure people follows social distancing rules. The shoes came in a European size 75.

Grigore Lup who has been making shoes for 39 years, came up with the idea when he noticed many people were not respecting the rules of social distancing.

Picture: Inquam Photos

“You can see it on the street, people are not respecting social distancing rules. I went to the market to buy seedlings for my garden. There weren’t many people there but they kept getting closer and closer,’ said Lup.

Picture: Inquam Photos

“If two people wearing these shoes were facing each other, there would be almost one-and-a-half metres between them,” added Lup.

So far, Lup has received five orders for the social distancing shoes. It takes two days for a pair of it to be made, which require almost one square meter of leather. The price for a pair of those long-nosed leather shoes was 500 lei (RM499.03).

Credit: Reuters

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