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Two Pet Turtles ‘Dry Out’ After Being Left By Student For 5 Month Because Of Lockdown

Picture: DailyMail, Pear Video

Two pet turtles have found completely dried and dead in China after his owner, a student left them in his dorm for 5 months.  The reason he left them in his dorm because of the COVID-19 lockdown that happens in China at that time.

According to the student named Liu, he thought that the lockdown will only happen for a short period of time and his two pets will survive.

He then found his two pet turtles have been dead and dried out after students were allowed to return to campus recently.

Picture: DailyMail, Pear Video

Picture: DailyMail, Pear Video

Picture: DailyMail, Pear Video

“I was so shocked when I saw the turtles. I was so upset,” said Liu.

“I didn’t think the outbreak would last this long, so I didn’t bring them home because they would be fine without being fed,” he added.

Source: DailyMail, Pear Video

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