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A Ship Believed To Be Found In Almost ‘Perfect’ Condition Despite Being 400 Years Old

Picture: Daily Star

A large ship has been found submerged in almost perfect condition despite being nearly 400 years old underwater, the Daily Star reported.

The ship is said to be the ‘key’ to the rise of the Dutch government which became the economic power that handled half of the shipments in Europe in 1670.

The ship was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and is still a mystery as to how it could have sunk.

One of the divers from Badewanne diving team, Jouni Polkko who found the ship said there were no clues for the ship.

“The hull is intact. It’s in the middle of the sea, so it didn’t run aground,” he said.

“Maybe it capsized in a storm, or the pumps were stuck and the ship got too much water in because of a leak,” he added.

The divers said that they only saw minor damage to the ship and that was from the nets.

Picture: Daily Star

They found the wreckage in the Gulf of Finland where they believed that unique local conditions helped protect the ship’s structure.

“It is only in rare places around the world, including the Baltic Sea, where wooden wrecks can survive for centuries without being destroyed,” Polkko continued.

The ship also has no weapons but has a cleverly designed platform that allows small crews to lift and adjust sales, providing more space and reducing costs.

Source: Daily Star

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