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Do Not Press ‘Link’ If You Receive An SMS Like This – Maybank

Picture: Maybank

If we look, there are various methods of fraud syndicates that occur in our society. This fraud syndicate also known as scammer happens to people who are desperate for money.

For some people who can think rationally and wisely, can certainly recognize the scammers. But not for people who are less knowledgeable with technology these days like the elderly.

Recently, in a statement issued by Maybank through their official Facebook page, they advised the public to be vigilant and not open the link from a short message claiming that they are Maybank.

Never even ‘log in’ Maybank2u at the link as it is one of the money fraud syndicates.

“Received this SMS claiming to be from Maybank? Do not click on the link,” said Maybank.

Maybank reminds to always use the correct Maybank link which is to log in. For more information, visit

Source: Maybank

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