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Five Common Things That Have Been Banned Around The World

Every country has its own unique culture. Culture is the idea, customs, and social behavior that has been embedded in society. We have to be open to accepting other peoples’ cultures.

Even though we are currently living in an open-minded world, not everyone can accept the same ideas, and behavior. Here are five bizarre things that have been banned in a few countries as they have a different concept on these things.

1. Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels at historical sites in Greece has been banned since 2009. The authorities were afraid that the point on high-heeled shoes will put too much pressure on the sites. It is afraid that it can cause scratch at the architectural sites.

2. Blue jeans

It is well-known that North Korea doesn’t have a good relationship with the United States. That leads to why wearing blue jeans is banned in North Korea. North Korea doesn’t allow to wear blue jeans specifically as the color is associated with the U.S.

3. Obesity

In Japan, your company could be fined if your waistline larger than the government-mandated limits. There is a law that allows your company to measure your waistline. You’ll also be given “dietary guidance” if your waistline exceeds the limit.

4. Keeping goldfish in a glass bowl

Keeping goldfish in a glass bowl is not accepted in Rome. It is believed that the bowl limits the oxygen flow for the fish. It is considered as a cruel act as it can cause the fish to go blind.

5. Sharing memes

If you were sharing memes in Australia, you might be flouting their copyright rules. It is against the law as the Copyright Act says, “Distributing an infringing article that prejudicially affects the copyright owner” and will be given punishment under Section 132A part 2.


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