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Gordon Ramsay Is Calling For 16 – To 21-Year-Old Foodie To Travel Around The World

Gordon Ramsay is a very well-known Scottish-born chef and also a television personality who always forcing people out of their comfort zone for them to be better in what they are doing. Recently, he has made an announcement through Studio Ramsay’s Twitter page to call out food lovers who aged from 16 – 21 years old to join him in a worldwide adventure to discover and experience new cultures and also foods all around the world in a new tv show.

Gordon Ramsey said on Twitter, “We’re excited to announce an amazing opportunity for 16 to 21-year-olds who are ready to go on an adventure to an international destination. Desire to explore the world combined with a passion for adventure and food is a must”! Gordon Ramsay has proven that he could relate with many people of all ages as we can see from all of his shows. He could guide the adults to be great and also comfort young children to have a better attitude in what they are doing.

He would be part of the celebrity chef’s latest show that of course involves food, epic challenges, and also travel. Because of that, Gordon Ramsay appealed to youth who have the appetite for food and also adventure to apply for his new project through the website. Based on the information received from Studio Ramsay, the brand new series will be broadcasted on a major network. Gordon Ramsay said, “The show will involve some extraordinary challenges and some of the most beautiful countries.”

All the applicants are advised to detail their passions and talents, rate their culinary skills, and share “the most adventurous thing they’ve ever eaten”. This is used for them to know what is the level of applicants’ knowledge about culinary. Up until now, there is no confirmation as to whether applicants outside the US are eligible but to apply.

Sources: Twitter Studio Ramsay.

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