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Huge Explosion in Jordan Military Warehouse Containing Mortar Bombs

Last month, we heard the news on a blast that happened in Beirut, Lebanon. The deadly explosion had caused at least 190 deaths, 3 people reported missing, and 6,500 people injured.

The blast happened due to ammonium nitrate that was stored in a warehouse. A large explosion can cause a lot of life to be affected if the prevention steps are taken.

Recently, another blast was reported in Jordan military base camp last Friday. The explosion is situated in an uninhabited area, which leads to no injuries have been recorded so far, said Amjad Al-Adaileh, a government spokesman.

A government spokesman said in a statement that the explosion happened in a warehouse that contains unusable mortar bombs that belong to the army forces.

Several of Jordan’s army bases and depots are located in the city of Zarqa, 25km east of the capital Amman. After an initial investigation, it was determined that the explosion was caused by an electric short circuit in the warehouse. The uninhabited warehouses are under camera surveillance. A committee was set up to do further investigation on the explosion.

Footages of the explosion went viral on social media which showed a large ball of flame rising into the sky. It was then followed by the sound of several explosions.


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