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McLaren Crashed on MEX Highway, Wreck Half of the Body

Owning a super expensive sports car will always be in our lifetime fantasies. Even though it is way too far to reach for us who is in the B40 and M40 category, it’s okay to keep on dreaming because it doesn’t cost money.

The reason why people are eager to have sports cars because of the satisfaction and pleasure the driver will get when driving these cars. The driving experience will surely be different from their advanced system that was built in each of the cars. Some of those luxurious cars even have a limited production each time a new model was released.

Unfortunately, how expensive or great the car is, it still has the chance to involve in accidents. It is reported that a McLaren 720s crashed on KM 22.5 MEX highway heading to Putrajaya on 22 September.

It was a rainy afternoon when the car suspected to be losing control and hit the road barriers. Currently, no official report regarding the incident.

Pictures that were taken by the road users show that the McLaren front end had disastrously disintegrated, leaving only the car’s aluminum frame. This can be the impact of the car from colliding with the barriers. Luckily enough, the driver managed to get out of the car safely.

It is a wakeup call for all supercar owners to be more careful when handling their high-performance machines. This is not our first time getting such news in Malaysia. For non-supercar owners, we might be crying looking at our dream being “crushed” in that way.


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