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‘Mysterious’ Eyes Found Inside of Vending Machine’s Coin Slot In Japan

Japan is a country that has a large number of vending machines. Tourists can easily spot the vending machine at every part on their journey, even in the countryside.

It is very interesting to buy things from Japanese vending machines as they are offering a wide range of products. You can buy things as simple as drinks and can be as weird as face masks and shirts from vending machines all around Japan.

However, it can be a bit of creepy when you realized that something is watching you while you were choosing the snacks from the vending machine. Recently, a man in Japan found a pair of eyes is looking at him through the coin slot from the machine.

A Twitter user, @potetodaze1129p shared a picture of the eyes looking through the coin slot when he was about to make a purchase from the vending machine.

What do you think the eyes could belong to? It turned out that the eyes belong to a tiny frog. The amphibian began to climb out from the coin slot after a while the man saw it. Small frogs have a malleable body which makes them be able to flatten the body. Thus, it is not impossible for the frog to climb into the small coin slot.

The next time when you want to use a vending machine, spare some seconds to look at the coin slot if there could be some other eyes watching you from the inside.


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