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Northern Sumatra Shaken By Earthquake 5.0 Richter Scale This Morning – MET Malaysia

Picture: MET Malaysia

A moderate earthquake with 5.0 Richter Scale occurred in North Sumatra, Indonesia at 2:28 am, September 14, 2020. It was reported by a statement from the Malaysian Meteorological Department on Facebook.

The incident occurred at 75 kilometers East from Meulaboh, Indonesia at a depth of 120 kilometers. For the coordinates, it was 4.3 ° North and 96.7 ° East.

However, the incident did not pose a tsunami threat to Malaysia, as said by the statement.[0]=68.ARB_otDhcAwUmi-vHCFAoOvmqOjE2fMAZcdPAkJhfYHkfAuM6Q6wUdMlJHvbJrmtBBZzepUyQTZ19_BbDnQvrunVNWV20mHVCfpwPIYKEjUqeYwmnjnVwXIRAXxLFiGfHGrK1WVERihDAG5rPgrQaoDSOrNvmz0gsWxkmvcEPY5K3e_BtE48D4_rHjlX–mDTbToLEeDtYr1KCH0o_BUpxgz71foA475-qAXxtLh4bLARRB6Jn8u0-9ax1V_NgE2h_s6roYV8zJLvpKRYWT_kiyHj4hCHV_gHqsqUDgQb5hbi6vlVI1ASj1zjd8p9shbbLQK93o7jLLqTkRM_vY4smRnLw&__tn__=-R

Source: MET Malaysia

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