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Personality Color: What Your Fav Color Says About You?

There are multiple colors to choose from in this whole wide world. Many colors can be picked to be someone’s favorite color. We might think that people just choose their favorite colors random, but actually they do bring psychological reasons when certain people decided to choose one color to be their favorite color for their life.

For a fact, color meaning can be used to convey a lot of information and it is depending on the context in which we use the color. It can whether to be used in fashion, product branding, or even in art. A certain color can radiate a surge of energy and emotion while conveying a particular meaning or message to those viewing it.

1) Black

People who love the color black could mean they are expressing their depression or even they are mourning over a loss of something. On the positive side,  black also can mean power, creativity, elegance, and also sexuality. Other than that, people that choose black as their favorite color might have the characteristic of being mysterious, aloof, and also independent in your daily life.

2) White

People who love the color white are totally aware that the color white brings the meaning of purity, birth, and also innocence. Other than that, loving the color white can also mean that you are organized, independent, and logical.

3) Red

If there are people who love the red color, that probably means that they are someone who is driven, adventurous, and also active in life. Other than that, this red color also can bring the meaning of someone that is angry, evil, or even loveable in their whole life.

4) Purple

For people that love the purple color, it will definitely show the traits of royalty and also being helpful towards other people. Other than that, the color purple also can express the individuality for some people that loves purple color.

5) Pink

The color pink is usually the color of romance. Because of that, people who love the color pink usually someone that is romantic at heart. They also believe in and really wanted to be loved unconditionally or accepted by society.

6) Orange

For people who choose orange as their favorite color, they usually a social person that has a vibrant personality because the color orange always stands for energy, warmth, and also enthusiasm. Orange color also shows that the person who loves it is someone that is very happy and a warm person in general.

7) Blue

People who love blue is usually someone that is calm, trustworthy, and also a very loyal person because they always promote peace and unity in their life. This is because the color blue brings the feeling of peace and also tranquility.)

8) Green

Green color can bring a common symbol of jealousy and also greed. On the positive note, the color green also definitely brings the symbol of nature, good luck, fertility, and also rebirth. Because of that, when someone loves green as their favorite color means that they are committed towards other people, but they also can be conceited or even preoccupied with their own reputation and standard.

9) Yellow

People who love yellow as their favorite color means that they are very energetic and also happy in real life. This is because, yellow is the color of joy, optimism, and also friendship. The loving yellow color means that the person loves sharing with others, but they are also eager to emphasize your individuality.

10) Gray

Gray color can be seen as a color that is depressing, sad, or moody. However, this color also brings its own positive connotation such as this color can be chic, modern, and also stylish. People who love gray color means that they have a low mood at times or enjoy neutral tones because they don’t draw too much attention to you.

11) Brown

The brown color is something that is a natural shade that symbolizes earthy and also organic materials. If there are people who choose the brown color as their favorite color, this means that they might be more drawn towards nature or even enjoy a simpler way of living in their life. Brown color also symbolizes that you enjoy some security in your life.

Sources: Better Help.

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