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Stop Shoving Someone’s Face Into A Cake Because It Might Be Deadly

The prank is something that most people love to do towards their family members or even their friends. It seems like prank has become a tradition for many people to commit especially during birthdays. Little did they know, pranks also can be extremely dangerous and also deadly sometimes. This viral picture of a cake with wooden sticks in it might be the ultimate proof that prank such as shoving people’s faces on the birthday cake can lead to a tragic death.

A particular photo of a cake with two wooden sticks inside of it went viral on the social media platforms that is Facebook recently. The post owner that is Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist – Precise Rehab advised the public in worry to never push the birthday boy or even girl’s face onto the cakes. This is because, as you can see in the image that there are hard and pointy wooden sticks places inside the cake for support. These wooden sticks usually are used when the cakes ordered are heavy or even tall.

The Facebook owner said, “This picture is dedicated to all those who like to push the bday boy/girl’s face onto the cake. Sometimes they build the cake too high therefore it needs the wooden sticks to hold as support”. He also added in the particular Facebook post, “So after seeing this picture I hope you think twice before doing it.”

Sources: Facebook Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist – Precise Rehab.

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