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(Video) Police Shoot Man Who Attacked Officer During Mental Health Crisis Call

This horrible and shocking incident happened in Buffalo, New York where a police officer was responsible for shooting a 60-year-old man who was still undergoing a mental health crisis. There was a video recorded by an onlooker that can be used as proof. The video showed that the man was closely followed by police on Genesee Street and Michigan Avenue in Buffalo. The man carried a baseball bat and he swung the baseball vat here and there.

The incident became escalated when the man suddenly swung the bat that he was holding at one of the officers. Because of that, another officer decided to fire two rounds of bullet towards the man. The shot hit the man. Captain Jeff Rinaldo stated that one of the two shots struck the man’s abdomen. Based on the reported news, the injured man is now in a stable condition at the hospital and the police also are still investigating the incident that happened.

Captain Jeff Rinaldo said, “One of the officers on the scene was a crisis intervention trained officer. They attempted to speak to the individual who became agitated, got up from where he was sitting and began to walk down Genesee Street”. The captain also stated that the body camera footage from the multiple officers who have responded to the incident was being reviewed by the police department’s homicide unit.

Evans said, “As the investigation continues into the details of today’s incident on Genesee Street, we believe our officers followed Departmental protocols and New York law in responding to an individual who attacked a Buffalo police officer with a baseball bat. The officer was struck repeatedly and was taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment”. He also added, “Officers on the scene, including a member from the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), pleaded with the individual to drop the bat. Despite these efforts the individual ultimately attacked the officer who was injured”.

Sources: News Week.

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