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Mother And Daughter Sell Their House Because They Had Enough With Neighbor Who Loves To Sing Extremely Loud

Being patient and also tolerate between each other would be a great trait to have in everyone’s self when we are living at a place that consists of a lot of people. Unfortunately, that is not what happened towards a woman and her daughter who had to sell their house and moved away just because of the inconsiderate neighbor that could not stop from singing so loudly up until he annoyed many people that live there.

According to the news, a mother and also her daughter who live in the central region of Nonthaburi had to sell their house that they have lived in for so long because they are working out ways on how to get some distance away from their neighbor.

All that is known so far would be the mother who is named Somthop with the age of 50-year-old while her daughter who is named Kanchana with the age of 25 years old did what they have done because of their daily life activities got major disturbed by the singing of their selfish neighbor.

Their neighbor is a 41-year-old guy, who runs his own food selling business from his home. When there is no customer to buy his food, he loves to sing and also to play his guitar. He said that music makes him feel happy and he also claimed that there are no other neighbors that complained about him. He also added that even the food delivery guy complimented on how lovely his voice is.

Before this, Somthop had bought a speaker and she turned the volume so loud. After that, the guy had asked them to turn down the volume of the speaker so that it would not bother his wife that is currently pregnant. The tension between both of the parties is getting higher and higher as days went by.

She and also her daughter claimed that they have lodged a police report about this particular situation multiple times but it keeps happening over and over again without any changes ever made by their neighbor.

Because of the situation, Somthop and her daughter have advertised the house that they wanted to sell with a free singer. In their advertisement, they wrote, “This house comes with a free singer that could play guitar so well non-stop”.

Sources: The Thaiger, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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