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“Sidek Brothers” Monument Is A Brand New Attraction In Selangor

“Sidek Brothers” has been such a huge sensation for a very long time. The Sidek’s family impact towards the successfulness of badminton sport nowadays could never be questioned. This is because, they have been a very high benchmark for that fun sport.

Badminton sport is nothing foreign and also is something to look up to in Malaysia. As we all know, this particular badminton sport has produced a lot of great and well know badminton player in Malaysia. Some of the names that still be remembered until today would be the “Sidek Brothers”.

“Sidek Brothers” has become a huge phenomenon in Malaysia a while ago just because all the members in the family have become the representative for Malaysia at least once in many big championships that were made local and also international.

Because of this iconic “Sidek Brothers” story, a certain group that is the Selangor’s Sport And Recreation Club has decided to start a project. The project that was mentioned is to fix back the badminton monument that is still located in the housing area of Sidek’s family home. Their home is in Kanchong Darat, Banting Selangor.

The badminton monument that belongs to Sidek’s family would be one of the biggest new attraction in Selangor and it is especially all the local visitors or even foreign visitors. They are all allowed to take pictures with the monument free of charge.

Sources: Twitter Tourism Selangor.

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