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Food Review: Brand New Delicious Tex-Masala Series From Texas Chicken Malaysia

Texas Chicken Malaysia has recently released the new ‘Tex-Masala Series’ on the month of August 2021. This brand new particular Tex-Masala menu would definitely include the Tex-Masala Rice Bowl, Tex-Masala Mash Potato, and also Tex-Masala Flatbread. However, the main of this menu is about the masala sauce that tastes spicy and flavors.

Other than the ‘Tex-Masala Series’, Texas Chicken Malaysia also put out their other menu for the highlight. The other menu included would be the Spicy Korean Rice Bowl, Spicy Korean Mash Bowl, and also Smoky BBQ Flatbread.

The prices for the menu are as follows:

Tex-Masala Mash Bowl = RM3.99

Tex-Masala Ric Bowl = RM5.99

Tex-Masala Flatbread = RM5.59

Spicy Korean Mash Bowl = RM3.99

Spicy Korean Rice Bowl = RM5.99

Smoky BBQ Flatbread = RM5.59

Sources: Facebook Texas Chicken Malaysia.

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