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Get To Know About Malay Community In Katanning, Western Australia

Katanning is actually a small town located about 250 km south of Perth, Australia. The Malay Muslim community here is quite solid. Most of them come from Cocos Island or better known as Coconut Island. Malaysian Australians refer to Malaysians who have migrated to Australia or Australian-born citizens who are of Malaysian descent. This may include Malays as well as overseas Chinese, Indian, mixed Malaysians, and other groups.

The first generation of Malays came to meet the manpower needs of the goat slaughter. According to history, Muslim slaughterers are really needed to produce halal goat meat. Now, the number of Muslim Malays there is almost 10% of the more than 5,000 residents of the town. In Katanning, they really take care of the Malay identity, including the Malay language which is still used today.

Picture: ABC

In this small town, there is a large mosque complete with a madrasah or Islamic school. Friday prayers were held at the mosque. The Katanning Mosque is quite large in size than the existing mosque in Perth city center. According to information a few years ago. The mosque was inaugurated in 1981 by Tunku Abdur Rahman Putra, the first former Prime Minister of Malaysia. The mosque was built on a fairly large piece of land, in the 1970s bought by the Katanning Muslim community for A$3,500.

The Perth-Katanning highway can be reached in 3 hours. Most of the roads between the two cities are freeways with a maximum speed of 110 km/h. Quite airy road, small hills and clear skies. The foliage of several types of trees is a sight on the right and left of the road, a number of sheep farms making arrangements alongside the green of the meadow and the blue of the sky.

Sources: Lost Katanning.

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