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(Video) “I’m Beggin’, Beggin’ You…” – Background Story of Famous Song On TikTok

Beggin’ is actually a particular song that has gained a lot of great reputation and also becoming so famous on TikTok platform. Many people have come out with different variations of creative TikTok videos just by using this exact song. Little did many people in this whole wide world know, Beggin’ song has lot of great success history behind it.

According to the facts, the lyrics of the well-known song recount a man who has lost his lady through his own bad deeds and he is regretting it bad. This popular Beggin’ song on TikTok app is actually the fifth edition of the famous one. To enlighten many people about this song, this is actually the real background story of the viral Beggin’ song.

1) First version was released by ‘The 4 Seasons’ group in 1967.

2) Then, in 2007. A French DJ named Pilooski re-edit it and re-released the song.

3) Also in the year of 2007, Madcon re-recorded and re-released their version of the song with some tweaks and added raps.

4) In 2012, Phillip Phillips performed the Madcon version of the song which gave the song another surgeons.

5) Finally, Italian rock band called Maneskin re-recorded the song in 2017 and that is the version that went viral on TikTok app.

Sources: TikTok Mathias Morte.

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