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(Video) Important To Know! Differences Between ‘Anxiety Attack’ And ‘Panic Attack’

Living in this very challenging world nowadays, many people have already heard the conditions of anxiety attack and also panic attack. These conditions might be happening regularly among family members, friends or even to the person itself. A lot of people might understand that panic attack and also anxiety attack are kind of the same thing.

This understanding is unfortunately very wrong. Both of them are actually two different conditions though. From the definition for both of the conditions up until the symptoms and also the treatments for the conditions are totally different. For those who might not know, this particular video would be the easy way to understand the conditions.

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Anxiety Attack

  • There is no actual diagnosis or even recognized clinical term used by the professionals for this condition.
  • Commonly used to describe a build-up of anxiety about something specific.
  • There are no set criteria for an ‘anxiety attack’ but high anxiety can last for long periods of time.

Panic Attack

  • A sudden episode of intense fear with severe and distressing symptoms.
  • Includes fear of death or complete loss of control associated with misinterpreting symptoms.
  • Typically lasts between 5 minutes to an hour.

Sources: TikTok Dr Julie Smith.

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