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Watch Out! 15 Habits of Highly Miserable People You Need To Know!

We know that feeling miserable is a state of being extremely unhappy. Sometimes, we feel like we’re chasing happiness and peace but there’s still not grip on it. Even there is some good going on around you, you still feel that happiness or joy isn’t quite enough. Those who experience this feeling tend to let misery take over and allow that emotion to swallow them up completely. Not only that, miserable people never expect any good to happen around them. They even make the vibe theirs so that others would feel just as bad and negative as them.

Sometimes we think that misery comes from around us. Not that it’s wrong, some people go through a hard time because of whom they are surrounded by. But, there are instances where the misery begins with ourselves. Some people indulge in misery so that they can get attention, sympathy, and constant reassurance for themselves.

So, if you are one that wants to avoid misery and focus on a happy life, here are some habits of miserable people you should know.

1. Never thankful enough

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Being thankful means doing it with a joyful mindset. With that mindset, a person is most likely to 10 times more grateful for the things they currently have rather than the things they don’t. For miserable people, being thankful is a big no. A miserable person avoids being grateful. Instead of counting their blessings, they focus more on things that they don’t own in their life.

2. Lead an unadventurous life

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Highly miserable people are really dull and boring. They choose to have a dull existence with no fun or excitement and later complain about it. When life turns our unadventurous and boring, miserable people believe that they are the ones being boring and start projecting it towards others.

3. They live in the past

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We all have our pasts but that doesn’t mean we need to dwell in them. Miserable people tend to live their lives stuck with their past rather than living the present life. They will always talk about what happened and what they did. When miserable people criticize the past,  they say things like “being born in the wrong location at the wrong time” or “life when I was a youngster was unpleasant and I never received what I wanted.”

4. They love picking fights

Picture: Fatherly

Every now and then, miserable people love picking fights with those close to them for the unrelated situations. Next, they expect people to treat or respond to them with kindness or show pity and if they don’t, miserable people are quick to point it out. If the other person brings it up again, they’ll make it appear as if they have no idea what they’re talking about, and even if they began the conflict, they’ll soon appear hurt and victimized.

5. They think other’s interntion towards them is dishonest

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Any comments, opinions, or remarks said to miserable people will be taken the wrong way. Even if their intention is merely for good, miserable people just can’t accept it. They think that shame is at the forefront of most people’s goals, which will result in a miserable person who is suspicious, angry, and always on the defensive.

6. They focus only on themselves

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People who are extremely miserable concentrate on themselves, their wants, and their difficulties because they feel that no one else’s troubles or challenges are as severe as theirs. They are always concerned with why they do things and act in particular ways, scrutinizing their shortcomings and chewing over their issues.

7. They worry too much


People are miserable when they are worried. Miserable individuals refuse to listen to reason and are fixated on situations and events over which they have no control. Worrying adds to their pain, therefore it’s only natural that these folks are naturally anxious.

8. They are envious

Picture: Indian Express

People who are miserable will not openly admit that they are envious of other people’s achievements. They will, however, minimize other people’s accomplishments and triumphs by pointing out flaws or downplaying the news, therefore deflating the other person’s enthusiasm. Miserable people will point out all the possible flaws when someone is happy.

9. They are critical of everything

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Almost everything is not good enough for them. Miserable people are very critical about things whether others agree with them or not. Miserable people are generally the first to express their thoughts. They trash something that someone enjoys in order to make their point. They like provoking others and feel that they are always correct while everyone else is wrong.

If you happened to exhibit any of these signs or know of anyone who is a miserable person, its time for a change because, with changes, you become a happier, successful, and cheerful person

Sources: Lifehack

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