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YouTube Review: Songs To Be Proud! 7 Merdeka Songs That Boost Your Patriotism!

Independence Day of Malaysia is actually just around the corner. As the date of 31st August becomes nearer and nearer, there would be so many Merdeka songs that will be aired all over the place such as on the radio, on television, and many more. When it comes to Independence Day, Malaysians have fond memories about it especially the music.

Music can deliver a host of different emotions. A song’s lyrics, arrangement, and the artiste’s performance have the ability to trigger sadness, defiance as well as to lift our spirits, and get the adrenaline pumping. This would include the Merdeka song as those kinds of songs could help to boost the patriotism in any individual towards Malaysia.

1) Kita Punya Malaysia – Bunkface

2) Malaysiaku – Syamel, Ernie Zakri, Kidd Santhe

3) Saya Anak Malaysia – Hazama, Usop

4) Kita Anak Malaysia – Khalifah

5) Negaraku – Joe Flizzow, Altimet, SonaOne & Faizal Tahir

6) Tanggal 31 – Noh Salleh, Masya Masyitah

7) Gemuruh – Faizal Tahir

Sources: Kita Punya Malaysia, Malaysiaku, Saya Anak Malaysia, Kita Anak Malaysia, Negaraku, Tanggal 31, Gemuruh.

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