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Book Review: Learn To Love Yourself The Way You Are In ‘Friends Forever’ Book

Growing up, having insecurities about who we are would definitely be one of the problems that we have to deal with wisely and also not to take drastic actions if our own plans do not go the way that we intended to. There are actually so many ways on how we can learn to just love ourselves such as have a talk with friends, take some time to explore who the real you are, and try to accept that. One other method is by reading the published ‘Friends Forever’ book.

This particular book is actually an interesting book that can help many people who are in their growing up phase to tackle a lot of day-to-day crises. It is also interactive because this book is not just words. This book has illustrations with wordings to make it more enjoyable to read during leisure time. This is definitely a great book for everyone.

Picture: Twitter Shannon Hale

This book is a likable journey that is sensitive to the triumphs and agonies of being a 13-year-old girl. It is about a young, sensitive overachiever who is crushed by expectations. That is to be cool but loyal to her tight-knit and dramatic friend group, a top student but not a nerd, attractive to boys but true to her ideals. As events in the character in this book that is Shannon’s life begin to overwhelm her, she works toward finding a way to love and understand herself, follow her passions for theater and writing, and ignore her cruel inner voice.

It is indeed a fantastic read, another installment with good humor and real-life crisis. Excellent illustrations. This particular book from the friends series is an awesome idea. A must-read for many people who are in the phase of growing up everywhere in this whole wide world. Readers who like graphic novels with lots of anxiety and trauma will definitely gobble up this autobiographical tale. There are helpful endnotes about dealing with a variety of mental health issues.

Sources: Macmillan Publishers.

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